06.15.09 GrowShleter was featured in the News section on Archinect today.

05.29.09 Gimme Shelter was featured on with images of the Bird/Seed Shelter taken by photographer Jack Ramsdale.

05.04.09 Displacement Gallery installation was completed at Exhibition 211 today in Nolita, Manhattan.

04.22.09 Temporary (?) Shelter project was published in the 2009 Buckminster Fuller Idea Index today.

03.06.09 Bird/Seed Shelter was featured in the Seasonal Designs in the FotoShoppe feature in today.

02.06.09 Gimme Shelter Exhibition opens at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture. Bird/Seed Shelter is selected as finalist and is scheduled for construction in early March.

12.10.09 Bird/Seed Shelter was selected as one of the 12 semi-finalist from the 80 + designs submitted to the Gimme Shelter Sustainable Design/Build Competition.